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The 7th Annual Hajj Presentation 2018

Steps of Hajj Day 1 : (8th of Dhu’l-Hijjah to 9th of Dhu’lHijjah) The Hujjaj are getting ready to land in Saudi Arabia, and heading toward Miqat. 1.     MIQATS: is the starting point where the hujjaj start their Hajj by wearing their Ihram cloth for men and regular Islamic cloth for women. They also start making their niyyah (intention) to perform the Hajj 2.    Then they pro...
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Premed Club Health Workshop

Crescent School Premed Club Presents its first Health Workshop For “Students and Parents” RETHINK YOUR NUTRITION 11th October, 2018 9am – 11:30am Workshop Presenters: Dr. Alia Chauhan, Associate director Pediatric hospital medicine- North Well Southside Hospital, Assistant professor of Pediatrics and Family Medicine, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra University Fizza Bukhari Regist...
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