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Graduating and Looking for Your Passion? Just Be Patient

Preoccupations By ANGELA DUCKWORTH - June 4, 2016 Source: Kim Salt For all their grandeur and euphoria, graduation ceremonies can be harrowing. Until that momentous day, you’re a student whose job is to do what your teacher asks. Now you have to ask things of yourself — but what? If you’re relying on a commencement speaker to set your compass, you may still be confused at day’s end. In my ...
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Is Excessive Screen Time Slowly Undermining Our Resilience?

Screen time limits physical activity, openness to experience, and resilience. By Christopher Bergland - The Athlete's Way Posted Oct 10, 2015 Source: Kylie Walls/Shutterstock Physical activity, openness to experience, and resilience go hand in hand. Through daily physicality—and a spirit of adventure—people of all ages can fortify their mental strength,...
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Curiosity: The Heart of Lifelong Learning

How to nurture a child's hungry mind Posted Apr 13, 2015 Source: nyul/123RF What makes children want to learn? According to research, it's the joy of exploration—a hidden force that drives learning, critical thinking, and reasoning. We call this ability curiosity, and we recognize it in children when we see them exploring their environment, devouring books and information, asking questions, i...
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Mayor de Blasio’s School Agenda

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD SEPT. 18, 2015 The education initiatives that Mayor Bill de Blasio outlined in a long-awaited speech earlier this week, though modest in scope, address some serious challenges facing the largest school system in the country. Collectively, they call for $186 million in new city investment, and in the abstract they appear wholly worthy. But the city has yet to provide detai...
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