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Premed Club Health Workshop

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Crescent School Premed Club
Presents its first Health Workshop
For “Students and Parents”

11th October, 2018
9am – 11:30am

Workshop Presenters:

Dr. Alia Chauhan, Associate director Pediatric hospital medicine- North Well Southside Hospital, Assistant professor of Pediatrics and Family Medicine, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra University

Fizza Bukhari Registered Dietician / CDN Long island Jewish Hospital- North well health system

Brother M. Waseem, Supervisor Premed Club, Crescent High School

Shaaf Chauhan, President, Premed club, Crescent School

Mirsab Hassan, Vice president, Premed club, Crescent School

Ayishah Khalid, Secretary, Premed club, Crescent School

Ahmed Khokhar, 9th grade student, High School West Half Hollow Hills

Workshop Stations:

  • Registered Dietician / Nutritionist consult station
  • Pediatrician consult station
  • Weight & BMI Check
  • Trivia about health
  • Healthy snacks and drinks