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Students are required to study the subjects of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies/History, English, Art, Computer Science and Physical Education in the context of the guidelines provided by the New York State Education Department.  Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Quran are also incorporated into the curriculum.

Homework and various other assignments are given to clarify concepts and reinforce the lesson taught in class.  Homework helps foster good work habits, punctuality, and student responsibility for quality work.  Homework is assigned on a daily basis.  Homework is normally due the next school day and is in an integral component of a student’s grade.  Parents are urged to establish study hours at home during the week.

  • Late homework must be accompanied by a legitimate excuse.  Without such an excuse, the assignment grade may be lowered as a penalty.
  • Students who do not hand in an assignment within a reasonable amount of time risk receiving no credit for that assignment.
  • Students who fail to hand in 3 or more assignments within a marking period risk a failing grade for that subject.  No make-up assignments are allowed except when excused by the office.

Tests and Quizzes
Regular testing is essential for evaluation.  Teachers observe a regular schedule of tests/quizzes.  Students who are absent on the day of a test for genuine reason will have an opportunity to make up the test.

State Exam, Regents, & AP Testing
Crescent School participates in the New York State Testing Program.  State exams in the subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are administered during the year to different grades at different dates.  Notifications of such exams will be sent home to the parents whose children will be tested.  Crescent School adequately prepares students for these exams by using supplemental materials and other resources.

AP (Advanced Placement) & Regents examinations are administered to high school students in January, May, and June.

Awards and Honors
Students who have shown exceptional academic performance, citizenship, and service to the school are recognized and honored at the Crescent School’s Annual Awards Day during the month of June.

Academic Integrity
Honesty and integrity in academic matters is essential in order to ensure that knowledge is transmitted effectively.  More importantly, Islam places the utmost importance upon being truthful in all aspects of life.  When a student cheats or copies the work of others, they not only prevent themselves from gaining the benefit of education, but they also steal the rights of others.

Academic dishonesty is defined as the intentional using or giving of unauthorized aid on any work for which a grade is earned.  Disciplinary action is taken when students are involved in this behavior.  (See Code of Conduct)


Sr. Zahida Khaliq — Grades 5 – 11
Sr. Azza Ahmed — Grades 7 – 11
Sr. Saira Asif — Level 1 Arabic
Sr. Samah Ali — Grades 1 – 4 & Grade 6
Sr. Rahnuma Islam — Grades 4 – 11
AP Computer Science Principals Grade 12
Sr. Aswita Taizir — Grades 5 – 11
Sr. Saira Asif — Grades 2 & 3
Sr. Azza Ahmed — Grades 5 & 7 – 11
Sr. Samah Ali — Grade 6

Ms. Emily Tom — A.P. English Literature & A.P. English Composition
Sr. Hajra Naeem — Regents English

Sr. Fatima Ahmed — A.P. Calculus, Regents Geometry & Regents Algebra 1
Br. Syed Alam — Regents Algebra 2, Regents Geometry & Calculus
Br. Muhammad Khaliq — Grades 5 – 7

Sr. Iffat Ahmed — A.P. Biology & Regents Chemistry
Br. Muhammad Khaliq — Regents Physics
Sr. Ayesha — Grade 5

Sr. Zahida Khaliq — Grade 5 & 6
Sr. Rahnuma Islam — Grade 7
Br. Altaf Siddiqui — Global History and Geography, Human Geography & General Social Studies – Grade 8