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Mission & Vision


Our mission at Crescent School is to complete the twin goals of fulfilling our Islamic obligations with regards to worldly knowledge, as well as to provide our young people with clear spiritual direction in life. Students will learn to live Islam, not act it, and they will know they must neither reject this world nor prefer it over the Hereafter.

The goals of the Crescent School mission are:

checkmark To provide a safe haven where Muslim youngsters can feel proud to be Muslim and be respected for who they are as law abiding citizens of our community.
checkmark To provide a safe haven where Muslim youngsters can feel proud to be Muslim and be respected for who they are as law abiding citizens of our community.
checkmark To nurture an environment where children learn that being a Muslim is consistent with being an honest, respectable, helpful member of society.
checkmark To perceive and embody in our actions that our children are a TRUST from Allah.
checkmark To develop a structural framework where Islamic holidays set an example of wholesome fun for our children.
checkmark To acculturate our youngsters in an environment where girls and boys are firmly supported to be achievers.
checkmark To promote and practice behavior and conceptualization of the self in which youngsters guard and value their self respect, modesty and the content of their vocabulary to reflect proper, practical, and consistently noble tenets of the Islamic way of life.
checkmark To perceive ourselves as Muslims who practice Islam; Muslims who walk like Muslims; Muslims who speak and engage in social and intellectual discourse as Muslims.
checkmark To familiarize youngsters with the historical legacy of Muslim scholarship in order to provide context and connections to their current and future achievement.

It is with the grace of Allah that our school will continue to grow. When you work for the sake of Allah alone, then anything is possible![symple_divider style=”double” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″]

A Message from Our Principal

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

The youth are regarded as the asset of a community.  The future survival of a community depends upon the intellectual, spiritual, and educational development of its youth.

The public educational system, according to political leaders and educational experts has failed to provide guidance and direction to our youth.

Muslim schools are not only an alternate solution, but a hope for parents who expect to see their dream come true.  The goal of a Muslim school is to make our children the BEST MUSLIMS and the BEST STUDENTS.

At Crescent School, we want to educate our youth to be good law-abiding citizens.  They are trained to enjoin the moral code brought by Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all), forbid the evil, and believe in Allah.

Crescent School is a New York State chartered school since 1991.  The school follows the New York State curriculum and incorporates Islamic Studies and Arabic language at all grade levels.

Each year, Crescent School hopes to advance its mission of providing the top education in an Islamic environment to our Muslim community.  Through our school and the grace of Allah (SWT), we hope to produce the future leaders of our Ummah by developing the best Muslims and the best students.

May Allah (SWT) guide us all.  Ameen.

Iffat Ahmed