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Please call or email us to make an appointment before you come in for admissions.

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“The Road to Admission – Step by Step”

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Welcome to Crescent School! We are happy that you are considering Crescent School for your child. Below, please find the step by step guide to our admissions process.

Any questions may be directed to our main office at 516.292.1787.


Crescent School will check to see if there is vacancy for your child in the appropriate grade level. We limit our class size to 25 students. If a class has already reached that cap, we cannot admit any more students into that class.


If there is space available, Crescent School will mail you the ADMISSION APPLICATION. Complete all forms in the ADMISSION APPLICATION and include copies of the following:

Check_mark.svgBirth certificate (Note: KG applicants must be 5 years old by December of that school year.)
Check_mark.svgUpdated Immunization Record     –   Refer to the immunization requirements.       Please take some time to read the IMMUNIZATION GUIDELINES.
Check_mark.svgPrevious 2 report cards
Check_mark.svgTranscript (for grades 9-12)
Check_mark.svgState Exam Results
Check_mark.svgParent/legal guardian’s driver license (for identification purposes only)
Check_mark.svgProof of address

The admissions process cannot continue if any of these items are missing.



b. Copies all required documents (see Step 2)
c. Application fee of $50* (per student)

*Check or money order please. This fee will be deducted from the Registration Fee if your child is accepted.

Crescent School
Admissions Office
130 Front St.
Hempstead, NY 11550


fter we receive your completed admissions package, the admission office will:

Check if all parts of the application are complete.
Check_mark.svgCheck that the student’s academic achievement is meeting grade-level benchmarks.

* In the event that the child has been assessed (by the current school) and is not performing at grade-level, then Crescent School will call the child’s school to assess the situation in further detail.

** If the child is learning within a Special Education framework (IEP), you are advised to make a full disclosure. In this manner, the child can be served in the best way possible in reference to academic and cognitive needs.


After the admission office reviews your admissions package, the main office will call you to schedule the pre-interview.

The pre-interview is a conversation that takes place between the parents, the prospective student, and our principal.

The principal requires a one-on-one conversation to assess if Crescent School is an ideal match for the prospective student and vice versa. It is a friendly conversation discussing the rules, standards, fees, and expectations of Crescent School.


After the principal approves the results of the pre-interview, the student will take the entrance exam. The student will be tested in English and Math. The entrance exam tests the student for mastery and or competency of grade-level work.

The child must be prepared to sit for a 60 minute exam. Parents must be on premises while the child takes the exam.

Please bring 2 pencils and 2 pens.


The result of your child’s entrance exam will be mailed home within one week of the date of the exam.


If your child is accepted, all fees are due within 14 days of acceptance.

The OFFICIAL LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE will only be issued after all fees are submitted.

Your child’s ‘seat’ will be in danger if fees are not submitted.


After all necessary fees are submitted, the student will be given The Official Student Handbook and all other information pertaining to school policies and procedures.

Each and every student is admitted to Crescent School on a probationary basis. We, as a school, are committed to all of our students. Their success is our success. Their challenges are our challenges. We shall try our level best to encourage and support all of our children.